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Help & Info about Synergy for windows

  • What is Synergy for Windows?

    This unique program allows users to share a keyboard or a mouse between two or more computers that are equipped with different operating systems. It functions with Windows, Mac and Linux systems. The bundle is often used within business environments where a more seamless form of integration is required.
  • Is Synergy Free to Download?

    The basic version of this software is free to download and install. No subscription is required. However, more advanced options are available for professional use. These are associated with three different pricing packages and their prices will vary accordingly.
  • Is Synergy safe from viruses and other threats?

    This program has been developed by Symless and it has been rigorously tested for viruses. Softonic also checks that all downloads are perfectly safe before offering them to the online community. However, please keep in mind that this is not always guaranteed with other third-party vendors.
  • How much memory will Synergy Require to operate?

    One of the benefits associated with this platform is that it will nor require much memory. Its file size is currently 5.21 megabytes. Performance issues should not present any concern for the majority of operating systems.
  • Are there other versions of Synergy Available for Mac?

    The good news is that you are able to choose from a version that is compatible with Mac systems. Simply navigate to the hyperlink found immediately below the main download on the Softonic portal. The file size is similar and you can expect to enjoy all of the same functionality.
  • Can I download a version of Synergy for mobile devices?

    This program is primarily intended to be used within home or office environments, as it caters to a keyboard or a mouse. Therefore, no versions are currently available for mobile devices such as smartphones.
  • What does the latest Synergy upgrade have to offer?

    The latest version of this program is 1.3.7. There have been a handful of recent improvements. Some of these include dynamic networking, enhanced SSL encryption and the ability to synchronize screenshots across multiple different computers simultaneously.
  • Does Synergy offer different pricing packages?

    While the basic bundle of this program is free, there are three additional packages to choose from. These are "Basic", "Pro" and "Enterprise" variants. Enterprise-level plans are quoted on a client-by-client determination and payments can be made on a monthly basis.
  • How do I install Synergy?

    Once you clicked on the download link, a pop-up window will be generated. You will be asked to install an .exe file. An installation wizard will thereafter appear. This will help to guide you through the remainder of the process. Installation times should not take more than a few minutes.
  • Am I able to uninstall Synergy?

    The process to uninstall this program will vary depending upon your operating system. For instance, Windows users will access the Add/Remove Programs function from within the Control Panel. After choosing the uninstall option and confirming their desire, the process will normally complete within a few seconds.


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